I’ve been working in the animation industry for longer than I care to mention, originally swept up in the crazy, tsunami wave of 90’s TV animation as a storyboard artist on The Simpsons when it was at its original studio, Klasky-Csupo.  Once ensconced, I experienced the rude awakening that I was a barely competent artist way in over my head.  Nevertheless, failure was not an option.   Should I have gone to art school instead of film school?   Too late; opportunity was never going to knock like this again.   So, I buckled down to learn on the job and earned the calloused drawing hand I have to this day.  The studio's owner, Gabor Csupo must have noticed, because--without my asking--he promoted me to be a director on the chaotic and wildly profane cluster-quack that was Duckman
I’ve never looked back.
Since then, I’ve directed on both adult prime-time and kids' animated shows ranging from Futurama to Rugrats; episodics, specials, long-form TV and features.  I’ve toiled in the vaunted halls of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount, Jim Henson, Illuminated Entertainment and 20th Century-Fox as well as remaining a perennial favorite of creators such as Matt Groening, Craig Bartlett and Everett Peck.
Recently, I’ve expanded upon my experience, serving as supervising producer as well as supervising director on Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie for Nickelodeon Movies.
I now continue in supervising roles, endeavoring to capstone my career by sharing my acquired experience and hard-earned curmudgeonliness to our industry's next generation of animation artists.
They’ll never know what hit them. 
Just kidding.


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